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Woah! What happened over here?
Haven't been on here for more than half a year or so, loads of deviations and messages waiting.

For the people that seem to follow my dabbling and what not, i'm still alive (otherwise i wouldn't be writing this ;)).
Got married in the meantime and still do some occasional art.

Need to sort out some new artworks and clean my DA-gallery because there is a lot of old works there.

Looking at a lot of art from people i follow i realie i need to get back into my creative world more and not get stressed on life in general.

Keep it balanced.

New work uploaded!
Check it check it
Some new work is added to my Gallery :)

Also still some Kwills Sketchbooklets available, check
Just wanted to let everyone know, i just dropped my very first Kwills Sketchbooklet.

For more info, please visit my blog:
Just cruising along doing sketches, t-shirts and paintings.
All's well with the dutch ninja :)
Hello everybody,

I just wanted everyone to know that no longer exists.
But instead Kwills ( is now online with a new site and new art.
So scoot on over for a look.

Just a note to let everyone know i'm still around.

Fresh from the press, the Robodunk-tee available through…
Represent your love for robots and sneakers with this gem!
Make us rich, beeyotches! ;)

The mofo has been banned to the seventh layer of hell.
And gets his nuts banged with a spiked f*ckin bat. BLAAOOOWWWWW!


This dude's been ripping art & images from other artists who put a lot of time in it to create something unique.
But this genious thought it would be cool to rip sh*t to claim some fame.

Head to and rip him apart.

Protect ya neck and ya art!
Uhm yeah, i haven't done any personal art for ages so no uploads in that area.
I'm just busy with working on pages for a magazine, t-shirt designs and working in a store.

However, i'm very grateful of all the people faving/adding comments etc while most of my stuff is pretty old.
You guys rule!
To everyone who takes their time to visit this little space, best wishes for 2006!
I hope this year more cool art will pour into here :)
So stay tuned.
Mr Miyagi passed away at age 73.
He was the illest sensei ever.
Strap on your bandanas and catch a fly with your chopsticks.
Rip Sensei Miyagi!
Talented artists with mad toolcontrol and warped minds :)

Nuff said

Well i'm back from spending a weekend in Paris together with HobbyWitch :)
Main reason was to visit the Miyazaki-Moebius exposition and we're glad we did.
It was simply awesome, check my site for pics.
Happy holidays to all on DeviantArt who come by to check out my little spot on the web.
My best wishes for a XXX-mas and a blastin 2005!
More creativity to the people!!!

Thanks to everyone who drops in and check out my stuff.

I know my updating is a bit irregular that's because of my work schedule.
I currently work for a children's magazine in Holland (called de Taptoe, the Dutch know what's that all about :)) and they keep me pretty busy with all sorts of fun stuff (2 pages for every issue and additional illustrations).
The thing is i'd love to show you guys the work but i can't due to contractual restrictions but when the stuff's published and out in the open i'm allowed to show stuff.

In the meantime, i try to have some spare time to do some personal stuff like collaborations and just fun drawings.
So keep your eye on your message centre.
Till next time!
After a little DA-hiatus, it was time again for a lil update.
I added 2 new works.
Next time i'll try to update with some more works :)
Till next time!
Last week i got Freestyle's first solo album in called Etched In Stone.
It was pretty cool to see my art for the first time printed on album & cd-size.
So check out my gallery to peep it and to listen to it, just go buy the album ^_^

For more info on Freestyle, just visit his HQ >>… <<
It's a been a long time since i did something on my DA-account.
It was created by someone i don't know and i'm not entirely sure whether i should hate or love the person responsible for it.
But anyways, it came to my mind i had a DA-account running so i decided to update it a little.
I uploaded the most recent works first so i noticed they're at the end.
Nevertheless i hope you enjoy my works anyway :)